26.1 .20 River Stour, Wimpstone
1st Byron Yates 5.6.12 (chub and roach on stick float and feeder)
2nd Andy Porter 1.14.0 (chub and roach on pole and maggot)
3rd Mick Tremlett 1.7.0 (mainly one chub)

12.1.20 Stratford Canal, Bishopton

1st Dave Lawley 0.13.8 (2 bream, pole-fished maggot)
2nd Lewis Edwards 0.4.0 (1 roach, pole-fished maggot)

29.12.19 Preston-on-Stour
1st Dave Lawley 3.7.0 (roach on maggot feeder)
2nd Dave Hemming 2.4.4 (perch of 1.8.0 plus roach on pole-feeder and maggot)
3rd Paul Lambert 1.1.4 (roach on maggot feeder)

8.12.19 Christmas Match Wimpstone
1st Paul Lambert 7.0.0 (2 chub on bread, 1 chub on corn, roach on stick float and maggot)
2nd Dave Evason 5.14.0 (2 chub on bread, roach on stick float, feeder and maggot)
3rd Mal Hallows 3.2.0 (roach and dace on stick float and maggot)

24.11.19 Stratford Winter League, Final Round 4, transferred from flooded River Stour to Aston Magna Lakes
1st Jason Parnell (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors) 18.1.0 (bream on pole-fished Maggot)
2nd Paul Geden (Four Amigos) 7.7.0.
3rd equal Lewis Edwards and Dave Evason, both 4.6.0 (both Stratford Blue.)
Final Team Points:
1st Stratford Fishing and Outdoors, 2nd Four Amigos 49, 3rd Stratford Blue 48, 4th Stratford Red 46
Individual champion: Paul Geden 18 points

17.11.19 Stratford Winter League, Round 3, transferred from flooded Stour to Stratford Canal
1st Paul Geden (Four Amigos) 1.5.0 (one bream)
2nd Dave Lawley (Stratford Blue) 1.4.0 (one eel)
3rd Mark Sreeves (Stratford Red.) 0.8.0 (one roach)
Team Points:
Stratford Fishing and Outdoors 37, Four Amigos 36, Stratford Red 34, Stratford Blue 33

10.11.19 Allan Ashfield/Geoff Hellier Memorial Contest (transferred from flooded Avon to Stratford Canal)
1st Graham Finch 0.7.12 (one perch on pole-fished worm)
2nd Lewis Edwards 0.4.8 (one roach)
3rd Dave Lawley 0.4.0 (one perch)

20.10.19 Stratford Winter League, Round 2 Wimpstone
1st Chris Hallows (Stratford Red) 4.4.0 (chub and roach on whip and Maggot)
2nd Derek Biggs (Stratford Blue) 3.12.0 (chub on feeder and Maggot)
3rd Steve Beard (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors) 1.14.0 (roach on link-leger)
Section winners:
'A' Dave Lawley (Stratford Blue)   'B' Steve Beard
'C' Derek Biggs   'D' Mick Belgrave (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors).
Team Points:
Four Amigos 15, Stratford Blue 15, Stratford Fishing and Outdoors 14, Stratford Red 13

13.10.19 Paxford Memorial Contest Manor Farm
1st Byron Yates 2.8.0 (roach and perch, Bolo float and maggot)
2nd Dave Lawley2.5.0 (roach and perch, stick float and maggot)
3rd Lewis Edwards 1.14.0 (perch, feeder)

6.10.19 Stratford Winter League ,Round 1 Wimpstone
1st Jason Parnell (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors) 16.2.0 (perch and chub on pole-fished worm)
2nd Mal Hallows (Stratford Red) 14.3.0 (chub on pole-fished worm)
3rd Mark Sreeves (Stratford Red) 12.6.0 (chub on pole-fished worm and bread punch)
Section winners:
'A' Mark Sreeves   'B' Graham Finch (Stratford F&O) 12.1.0
'C' Mick Belgrave 9.10.0 (Stratford F&O)   'D' Mal Hallows
Team Points:
Stratford Fishing and Outdoors 19, Stratford Red 14, 4 Amigos 13, Stratford Blue 10

22.9.19 W.Ashfield Memorial Contest Luddington
1st Steve Baylis 9.15.0 (perch, roach, bream -whip with maggot and hemp)
2nd Lewis Edwards 7.9.0 (perch, roach, bream-whip and maggot)
3rd Dave Lawley 6.10.0 (perch, roach, bream, chub-waggler and feeder with maggot)

14.9.19 Open contest in aid of Prostate Screening Fund organised by Jim Burton and Stratford-on-Avon AA Seven Meadows and Stannells
1st Steve Beard (Stratford Fishing and Outdoors) 20.9.0 (chub on waggler and maggot.)
2nd Craig Wilesmith (Daiwa Gordon League) 14.4.0 (hempseed and pole, waggler and maggot)
3rd Guy Vernon (Austin Social A.C.) 10.8.0 (waggler and caster, mixed catch.)
Section winners:
Chris Hallows (Stratford A.A.) 8.2.0, Steve Pierpoint (Sensas Smithys) 7.12.0
Mark Chinn (Plough A.C.) 9.7.0.
300 was raised for the charity. Thanks to all who supported the event.

8.9.19 K.Smith Memorial Contest, Hampton Lucy Brook
1st Andy Porter 7.1.12 (mixed catch,stick float and maggot)
2nd Charlie Yates 5.11.0 (perch and chub,legered worm)
3rd Dave Belcher 4.1.4 (inc chub of 3.8.0 on legered meat)

25.8.19 Jones Memorial Contest Luddington
1st Andy Porter 8.8.0 (perch, roach, eel on pole with worm and Maggot)
2nd Lewis Edwards 4.10.8 (roach and perch on pole with maggot)
3rd Mick Tremlett 4.8.8 (mainly roach on stick float and pole with maggot)

11.8.19 Kinsey Memorial Preston-on-Stour
1st Andy Porter 4.4.8 (roach and perch on pole with pinkie and worm)
2nd Dave Lawley 1.14.8 (roach,chub,gudgeon on stick float and maggot)
3rd Derek Biggs 1.12.12 (Rudd,roach,perch on pole and feeder with maggot)

28.7.19 Sheldon Memorial Hampton Lucy Brook
1st Dave Lawley 6.6.0 (chub,roach,perch on stick float)
2nd Byron Yates 6.4.0 (chub,roach,dace,eel on pole)
3rd Charlie Yates 5.13.0 (perch)

14.7.19 Checkley Memorial Contest Stannells
1st Charlie Yates 6.2.0
2nd Andy Porter 5.8.8
3rd Derek Biggs 3.15.12

7.7.19 Air Ambulance Charity Open Seven Meadows,Stannells,Manor Farm (60 pegs)
1st Jim Wiltshire (Barford A.A.) 34.6.0 (chub on waggler and maggot)
2nd Tony Avery (Sensas Portway) 25.4.0 (mixed catch on waggler with maggot and caster)
3rd Pete Morris (Cadence Bait-Tech Superteam) 20.5.0 (chub on waggler and caster and roach on hemp.)
Section winners:
"A" Leigh Gardner (Cadence Bait-Tech Superteam) 10.6.0
"B" Rory Burke (Alcester Sports) 6.1.0
"C" Gary Didcock (Radcot) 12.6.0
"D" Andrew Wheildon (Leamington) 9.11.0
"E" Howard Kaye (Manor Farm Leisure) 13.2.0
"F" Phil Milnthorpe (Austin Social) 14.12.0

800 was raised for Air Ambulance.
Thanks to all who supported the event.

30.6.19 Tony Nason Memorial Contest Seven Meadows
1st Byron Yates 11.12.0 (chub and perch on waggler and maggot)
2nd Dave Lawley 9.9.0 (mixed catch on stick and waggler with maggot)
3rd James Yates 6.8.0 (one chub on worm,one on meat, perch on maggot)

16.6.19 Stan Smith Memorial Manor Farm
1st Dave Evason 4.12.0 (mixed catch float legered maggot and meat)
2nd Andy Porter 2.2.0 (mixed bag with pole and maggot)
3rd Dave Lawley 1.15.0 (mixed bag with feeder and maggot)

26.5.19 Stratford A.A./WACFAC delegates' match Aston Magna Lakes
1st Dave Oxford 22.6.0 (bream with worm and corn on pole)
2nd Pete Kilbride 18.8.0 (mixed bag with pole and maggot)
3rd Dave Evason 10.12.0 (crucians and gudgeon on pole and maggot)

7.4.19 Result of raffle
1st prize (100) Sheila (Salmon Tail)
2nd prize (50) Bill Boucker
3rd prize (voucher for 30 Windmill Inn) John Coxsey
4th prize (25) John Tate

10.3.19 Manor Farm
1st Dave Evason 6.13.12 (1 barbel on maggot and feeder)
2nd Steve Baylis 3.9.0 (1 bream on flat-float and pole)
3rd Dave Atwater 3.6.0 (2 chub on stick float and maggot)

24.2.19 Stannells
1st Byron Yates 2.11.0 (perch)
2nd Dave Evason 2.4.8 (perch, roach, dace, bleak, gudgeon)
3rd Dave Harris 2.4.0 (bleak)

10.2.19 Preston
1st D.Lawley 0-1-0
2nd D.Evason 0-0-8
2nd B.Yates 0-0-8

27.1.19 Wimpstone
1st Dave Harris 1.3.0 (small fish on stick float and maggot)
2nd Byron Yates 0.11.0 (feeder and pinkie)
3rd Dave Evason 0.10.0 (maggot with stick float and float-leger)

13.1.19 Luddington
1st Andy Porter 1.12.0 (1 perch on stick float and maggot)
2nd equal Connor Steward and Byron Yates 0.2.0

30.12.18 Stannells
1st Dave Harris 4.13.18 (chub,perch and roach on stick float and maggot)
2nd Nick Purdey 4.3.8 (roach and perch on whip and maggot)
3rd Dave Lawley 3.2.4 (chub,roach and perch on stick float and maggot)

9.12.18 Christmas contest R.Stour, Wimpstone
1st Nick Purdey 9.0.0 (chub and roach on pole and maggot)
2nd Andy Porter 7.2.0 (chub and dace on stick float and pole with maggot and worm)
3rd Derek Biggs 6.8.0 (chub,roach and gudgeon on stick float with maggot and levered worm)

18.11.18 Stratford Winter League, Final Round, R.Stour, Wimpstone
1st Rob Oakey (Nobbits) 7.2.0 (Chub and perch on flat float and worm)
2nd Rob Taylor(Shipston) 5.3.0 (Chub and smaller fish on pole and maggot)
3rd Pete Kilbride (Stratford Red) 4.8.0 (Roach on stick float and maggot)

Section winners:
'A' Dave Belcher (0.12.0) 'B' Rob Taylor (5.3.0)
'C' Pete Kilbride (4.8.0) 'D' Dave Evason (0.11.0)

Team points:
Shipston 21, Stratford Blue 21, Nobbits 20,
Quinton 15, Stratford Red 15, Smithys 14

Final points result:
Shipston 85, Smithys 74, Stratford Red 74,
Nobbits 66, Stratford Blue 66, Quinton 65

Individual Champion: Rob Oakey 26 points
Runners-up: Steve Aston and Dave Belcher 22 points

11.11.18 Geoff Hellier Memorial Match, Luddington
1st Dave Belcher 5.9.0 (roach on stick float and bronze maggot)
2nd Graham Finch 4.9.0 (bream and roach on feeder and worm)
3rd Dave Harris 2.0.0 (perch on pole and maggot)

4.11.18 Stratford Winter League Round 3 R.Stour, Wimpstone
1st Richard Rouse (Shipston) 18.14.0 (12 chub on pole-fished maggot)
2nd Mark Parsons (Smithys) 6.13.8 (Chub on pole-fished maggot)
3rd Rob Oakey (Nobbits) 6.2.0 (Worm on pole)

Section winners:
'A' Mark Parsons (6.13.8) 'B' Rob Oakey (6.2.0)
'C' Mal Hallows (3.15.8) 'D' Andy Bruce (5.7.0)

Team points:
Shipston 23 points, Stratford Red 21, Smithys 18, Nobbits 16,
Quinton Boys 16, Stratford Blue 14

League leaders (with one match remaining) Shipston 64 points

28.10.18 Allan Ashfield Memorial Contest at Stannells
1st Rob Ashfield 6.2.12 (roach and perch on stick float and maggot)
2nd Dave Lawley 5.1.0 (chub,roach and perch on waggler and maggot)
3rd Derek Biggs 4.5.8 (chub,roach,perch on stick and waggler with maggot)

21.10.18 Stratford Winter League Round 2 R.Stour, Wimpstone
1st Jon Walkden (11.8.0)
2nd Rob Oakey (7.1.0)
3rd Jason Parnell (5.13.0)

Section Winners:
'A' Rob Oakey (7.1.0) 'B' Steve Aston (3.0.0)
'C' Jason Parnell (5.13.0) 'D' James Yates (2.1.0)

Team points:
Quinton Boys 20, Smithy's 19, Stratford Red 19, Shipston 17,
Stratford Blue 16, Nobbits 16

7.10.18 Stratford Winter League Round 1 R.Stour, Wimpstone
1st Dave Belcher (12.12.0)
2nd Pete Wedgeberrow (11.3.0)
3rd Steve Aston (7.8.0)

Section winners:
'A' Steve Aston (7.8.0) 'B' Jason Parnell (6.3.0)
'C' Rob Taylor (4.15.8) 'D' Pete Wedgeberrow (11.3.0)

Team points:
Shipston24, Smithy's 23, Stratford Red 19, Stratford Blue15,
Nobbits 14, Quinton Boys 14

23.9.18 W.Ashfield Memorial contest at Preston-on-Stour
1st Paul Lambert 3.6.0 (including perch of about 1.8.0)
2nd Andy Porter 2.14.0
3rd Dave Lawley 2.9.0 (including a small bream)
Catches made up mainly of small roach on pole and maggot

30.9.18 Luddington
1st Graham Finch 6.15.0 (bream of 5.4.12 on worm and 2 perch and 2 chub on sweetcorn)
2 equal Dave Attwater and Dave Lawley 6.11.0 (perch and roach on stick float and maggot)

9.9.18 K.Smith Memorial Contest at Hampton Lucy Brook
1st Andy Porter 5.7.12 (dace,roach,perch ,gudgeon) stick float and maggot
2nd Dave Evason 5.4.12 (perch and gudgeon) float - legering with maggot
3rd Dave Atwater 5.1.0 (perch,roach,dace) stick float and maggot

26.8.18 Jones Memorial contest at Luddington
1st Graham Finch 6.0.0 Bream (inc bream of 5.0.0,1) and chub on sweetcorn
2nd Byron Yates 4.6.0 (roach, perch, small bream) on maggot and feeder
3rd Dave Belcher 3.7.0 (roach and perch) on maggot and stick float

12.8.18 Kinsey Memorial contest at Hampton Lucy Brook
1st D.Lawley 6.4.0 (mixed catch, stick float and maggot)
2nd D.Belcher 4.14.0 (mixed catch, pole and maggot)
3rd D.Attwater 4.12.0 (mixed catch, stick float and maggot)

29.7.18 Sheldon Memorial contest at Seven Meadows
1st James Yates ( a junior member ) with 6.8.0 of chub caught on legered luncheon meat.
2nd Tony Neeld with 5.15.0 of bream caught on swimfeeder and maggot and
3rd Paul Lambert with a mainly perch catch of 5.1.0

15.7.18 Manor Farm
1st Paul Lambert 6.10.0 (bream,perch,eels)
2nd James Yates 6.5.0 (bream,perch,eels)
3rd Andy Porter 6.2.0 (chub)

8.7.18 An open contest was organised by
Stratford-upon-Avon A.A. and Shipston- on-Stour A.C.
at Seven Meadows and Manor Farm in aid of Air Ambulance
55 anglers fished under very hot and bright conditions and weights,considering the conditions, were very good.
1st Craig Hibbs (Sensas Droitwich ) with a chub catch taken on waggler ,with caster and maggot
,which weighed 18.4.0.
2nd Jim Brockie(Sensas Smithies) who weighed 17.0.0 which consisted of about 4.0.0 of perch and 13.0.0 of hempseed roach.
3rd was Jim Burton ( Matchbox) with over 20 chub on waggler and caster for 16.0.0.
Section winners were:Rob Sreeves (13.11.0),Tony Avery (8.6.0.),Steve Aston (13.0.0),Tim Biddle (13.0.0),Steve Hemmings (9.10.0),James Robbins (9.12.0.)
Over 800 was raised for Air Ambulance.
Thanks to all who supported the event.
Dave Evason (Sec,Stratford A.A.)

1.7.18 Stannells
1st Pete Kilbride (6.4.12).Roach taken on hemp and tares
2nd Graham Elwell (4.8.12).Roach and perch
3rd Andy Porter (4.8.8).Roach and perch

17.6.18 The first contest of the season at Hampton Lucy Brook.
Taking the honours was new member Graham Elwell mainly chub taken on maggot and swimfeeder.
2nd was Dave Lawley with two nice chub and smaller fish for 8-14-8 taken on maggot and stick float.
3rd was Dave Evason with a mixed catch for 5.14.0

Stratford-on-Avon A.A. Prize Draw Result:
1st prize: Mr.T.Preston (100.)
2nd prize: M.Hallows (50.)
3rd Prize: Mr.M.Watson (voucher for 30 for the Windmill Inn,S-on-A.)
4th Prize: Mrs.R.Jarvis (25.)
Thanks to all who supported the raffle which raised 676 for club funds

17.12.17 Christmas Match result A very cold River Stour at Wimpstone.
1st Gordon Yates with 5.2.0
2nd Paul Lambert with 3.0.0
3rd Byron Yates with 2.15.8 (very close)
Sixteen members fished and all received prizes

5.11.17 Stratford Winter League, River Stour, Wimpstone 4th and Final Round
1st Rob Oakey (Shipston) 12.3.0 (chub,roach,dace on pole-fished hemp and caster)
2nd Chris Hallows (Stratford Red) 5-0-0 (chub and dace on waggler and maggot)
3rd Dave Belcher (Arden) 4-12-0.
Team winners on the day: Stratford Red with 22 points.
Final league positions:
1st Stratford Red 69 points 2nd Shipston and Avon Boys 67 points
4th Arden 65 points 5th Stratford Blue 49 points
Individual champion was Rob Oakey and runners-up were Jason Paris and Mark Parsons

29.10.17 Stratford Winter League, River Stour, Wimpstone Round 3
1st Pete Wedgeberrow (Avon Boys) 26.1.0 (chub and a large perch caught on pole-fished caster and
2nd Graham Finch (Shipston) 13.6.0 (chub on pole-fished maggot)
3rd Mark Parsons (Avon Boys) 9.12.0 (chub on pole-fished worm and caster)
Team winners on the day: Avon Boys 22 points
League Leaders Avon Boys 54 points

15.10.17 Stratford Winter League, River Stour, Wimpstone Round 2
Some excellent weights were recorded
1st Jason Parnell (Arden) 35.14.0 which (chub, perch, roach on pole-fished worm)
2nd Jason Paris (Arden) 21.2.0 (chub on pole-fished worm and maggot)
3rd Rob Oakey (Shipston) 21.0.8 (chub,roach and dace on caster)
Team winners on the day: Arden 19 points
League leaders Arden 38 points after the first two rounds

1.10.17 Stratford Winter League, River Stour, Wimpstone Round 1
1st Derek Biggs ( Stratford Blue) 18.2.0 (chub on feeder and maggot)
2nd Graham Finch (Shipston) 14.0.0 (chub on caster and pole)
3rd Dave Belcher 9.10.4 (Arden).
Team winners on the day: Arden 19 points

2.7.17 An open contest was organised by Stratford-upon-Avon A.A. and Shipston- on-Stour A.C. at Seven Meadows and Manor Farm in aid of Air Ambulance.
Fifty-one anglers fished with the following result:
1st Jim Wiltshire (Shipston) 12.14.0 from peg 19 at Seven Meadows. A mainly chub catch on waggler
with bronze maggot.
2nd Derek Biggs (Stratford) 11-12-0 from peg 31 at Manor Farm. Roach and perch on stick and waggler
and 6 bream and eels on feeder with red maggot.
3rd Tom Lane 11.9.8 from peg 6 at Seven Meadows with a small chub and roach catch on stick and waggler with casters.

814 was raised for Air Ambulance from entry fees and donations and a raffle on the day.
Many thanks to the following for donating prizes for the raffle:
Bait- Tech, Evesham Discount Tackle, Fishing Republic, Garbolino, Hatton Electrical, Mal's
Diner, Masterline, Oak Shooting Club, Salmon Tail Inn, Shakespeare, Scruby's Angling
Centre,Stratford-on -Avon Fishing and Outdoors, Windmill Inn


11.12.16 Christmas match result Stratford Canal at Timothy's Bridge owing to Stour unfishable
1st Dave Attwater 4.13.4
2nd Bill Boucker 2.4.12
3rd Derek Biggs 1.11.12
4th Connor Steward 1.11.4
19 fished and all received prizes.
Many thanks to Scruby's Angling Centre for donating tackle prizes and to Stratford on Avon Fishing
and Outdoors for tackle voucher prizes.

13.11.16 Stratford Winter League Final Round River Stour, Wimpstone,
1st Alistair Scruby's 15.6.8
2nd Dave Lawley 11.13.8
3rd Malcolm Allison 10.7.6
Final team result:
1st Shipston 79points
2nd Stratford Red 68
3rd Stratford Blue 67
4th Piscatorials 57
5th Nomads 38
Individual Champion: Pete Wedgeberrow

30.10.16 Stratford Winter League 3rd round River Stour, Wimpstone
1st Pete Wedgeberrow 25.0.0 (mixed catch including perch of 2.0.0,on pole (corn and worm)
2nd Andy Porter 24.7.8
3rd Graham Wheeler 17.8.8
4th Dave Lawley 12.13.4
Team positions:Shipston 61 points, Stratford Blue 49,Stratford Red 49, Piscatorials 43,Nomads 35

23.10.16 Allan Ashfield Memorial Match (Seven Meadows and Stannells)
1st Paul Lambert 5.6.8
2nd Dave Harris 5.3.0
3rd Chris Hallows 4.11.0
4th Derek Biggs 4.10.0
18 fished and 56 raised for the Poppy Appeal.

16.10.16 Stratford Winter League Round 2
1st Andy Simpson 26.9.0(mainly chub on caster)
2nd Chris Hallows 21.5.12(mixed catch)
3rd Malcolm Allison 12.8.0
Team position:Shipston 40pts,Stratford Red 35,Stratford Blue 33, Piscatorials 26pts,Nomads 23

2.10.16 Stratford Winter League Round 1
1st Malcolm Allison 17.6.8 (chub on sweetcorn)
2nd Ali Scruby's 14.15.8
3rd Graham Finch 12.8.4
4th Dave Atwater 5.6.0
Team position:Shipston 21pts,Stratford Red 19pts,Stratford Blue 18pts,Nomads 12pts,Piscatorials 11

17.7.16 Stratford A.A. & Shipston A.C. Charity Match at Manor Farm, Luddington
1st Steve Baylis 14.6.0 (including perch of 2.9.0)
2nd Mal Hallows 14.3.0
3rd Ollie Arnold 12.2.0
4th Jason Cooke 10.4.8
5th Dave Smith 8.14.8
6th Darren Cox 7.4.0
55 anglers fished and a total of 650 was raised for Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes.
Thanks to all who helped with the event and to all those who donated prizes.

20.12.15 Wimpstone
1st Andy Porter 8.1.0
2nd Dave Harris 4.7.8
3rd Dave Lawley 4.5.8

13.12.15 Christmas match at Wimpstone
17 fished.Weights were affected by a rising river but an outstanding result on the day by Mal
1st Mal Hallows 11.10.8
2nd Chris Hallows 2.6.0
3rd Dave Badham 1.6.0
4th Paul Lambert 1.0.4
Every one received a prize.

15.11.15 Stratford Winter League 4th and final round
1st P.Wedgeberrow (Porters)17.4.8 
2nd A.Scruby (Avon)16.7.8 
3rd A.Green 7.5.12(Avon)
Final points: Porters 78,Blue 74,Avon 73,Nobits 73,Red 73,Shipston 69.
Individual Champion: P.Kilbride 26 points

1.11.15 Stratford Winter League 3rd Round
1st G.Finch 6.3.4 (Red)
2nd D.Neeld 6.1.8(Red)
3rd D.Evason (Blue)5.6.12
Teams: Porters57,Blue 61,Avon 47,Nobits 56,Red 58,Shipston 48

18.10.15 Stratford Winter League 2nd round
1st A.Porter 10.6.0 (Porters)
2nd D.Evason 6.5.8 (Blue),
3rd A.Green(Avon) 6.0.0
Team points: Porters 43,Blue 39,Avon 32,Nobits 41,Red 34,Shipston 28

4.10.15 Stratford Winter League 1st round
1st G.Finch 8.5.0 (Stratford Red)
2nd A.Porter 6.13.0 (Porters)
3rd A.Whieldon (Shipston) and C.Hallows (Stratford Red)
Team points: Porters 22,,Stratford Blue 18,Avon 13,Nobits 16,Stratford Red 20,Shipston 15

13.9.15 Hampton Lucy Brook
1st Andy Porter 7.14.0 (mainly dace,stick float and maggot).
2nd Dave Lawley 4.1.0
3rd Graham Finch 3.14.0

30.8.15 Luddington
1st Graham Finch 6.11.0 (3 bream 2 perch) worm,feeder
2nd Andy Porter 5.14 8 (mixed bag) maggot, pole
3rd Dave Neeld 2.6.4

A charity open match organised by Stratford on Avon Angling association and Shipston Angling Club has
raised in excess of 1100 for the Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance.
The Sell out match, was held on Sunday 9th August and fished on S O A and Bell AC (Studley) waters,
on the river Avon near Luddington.
The Avon was low and clear but still managed to throw up some good weights.
Top rod was Tony Avery who weighed in 25-1-12 of mainly chub with a couple of barbel. Tony
wagglerfished maggot on peg 19 near to Weston Bend, and received 268 for his efforts.
Runner up was S Reidy who wished peg 60  on the Bell ac. water to weigh in an excellent 12-9-8 of
roach caught on hemp and pole to claim his 201 second prize.
There was a close battle for 3rd place with Nick Cowling weighing in a mixed bag of 9-14-4 from peg  7, to edge out Spig on Peg 4 who weighed in 1oz less to record 9-13-4, they picked up 135 and 66 respectively.
The prize presentation and raffle took place at The Avenue Social Club.
Mal Hallows, Chairman of Stratford AA said "Stratford and Shipston Angling club would like to thank all of the anglers that took part, the sponsors who generously supplied prizes and everyone who contributed to what has been very successful day, which raised so much money for a very worthwhile cause"

2.8.15 Stannells
1st D.Harris 4.9.8
2nd .S.Baylis 4.4.8
3rd P.Kilbride 3.15.0

19.7.15 Checkley Memorial Match, Hampton Lucy Brook
1st Doug Porter 7-8-0 perch(one about2lb) small barbel,chub,bleak,dace.
2nd Andy Porter 6-14-4 perch,dace,gudgeon,chub,small barbel.
3rd Dave Evason 6-14-0 perch,dace,chub,roach,gudgeon.

12.7.15 Scramble at Manor Farm (weir to pump house)
1st Andy Porter 6-4-8
2nd Doug Porter 5-2-12
3rd Dave Badham 4-3-12

6.7.15 Stannells
Ist Andrew Porter 3.10.4 (chub,perch,dace)
2nd Dave Evason 3.3.8 (mainly perch)
3rd Dave Attwater 2.4.0

28.6 15 Stratford A.A. V Shipston A.C. Manor Farm 3 and 4
1st Pete Wedgeberrow 11.2.8 (Shipston) mainly chub
2nd Dave Smith 7.13.0 (Shipston) mainly bream
3rd Jim Wiltshire 6.13.0 (Shipston) some bream
4th Andrew Porter 5.12.0 (Stratford)
Top 10 weights:Shipston 49.15.0, Stratford 34.7.0

21.6.15 Manor Farm 3 and 4
1st Andrew Whieldon 9.7.0
2nd Mal Hallows 5.13.0
3rd Andrew Porter 2.10.0

8.2.15 Preston-on-Stour
1st Dave Evason 1-6-0 (1chub ,2dace)
2nd Dave Harris 0-3-0 (1 roach)
8 fished,6 dry nets.
Cold morning

11.1.15 Stannells
River up about 10" with colour.
1st Graham Finch 2.0.8 (eel,roach,chub)-stick float and maggot
2nd Steve Bayliss 1.6.8 (roach,chub,dace,perch)-feeder and maggot
3rd Dave Attwater 1.3.8